Privacy Policy


With us, every detail you share is safe. We are concerned about your privacy and here is our privacy policy associated with it. Read carefully.


Information Collection


HPS Creations holds the authority to use the information collected through the site. We are solely responsible for the information you provided us and we assure you that we will not sell, share or rent the information to anyone. HPS Creations will ask you for your private information at various points.

Information we will collect:

  1. Contact information (like their email address),

  2. Demographic information (like their zip code),

  3. Financial information (like their account or credit card numbers).


All the collected information will help us provide high-quality products and services to our clients. We ask our visitors to fill order forms to collect their contact information to send orders on time. This information is also used to reach our customers for promotional activities through email. We may use this data to improve user experience, ask for feedback, and to connect with our clients to share or show them our products that might interest them.


The email address provided by our clients may be used to share information and drive their attention towards upcoming or existing offers. We may use emails or newsletters to convey an essential message to them, though we provide them with the option to receive our mail or opt-out from the same.


Besides, we ask for financial information needed for billing purposes. All this information will be absolutely safe and will not be shared with any third party without the user's explicit permission. This information may include Unique identifiers (such as email address, phone number, or street address). We use this information to verify the user's identity and account numbers in our record system.  


Personalization Forms


Personalization forms may ask the users to fill in their contact information, mainly name, and email address, demographic information (zip code), and unique identifiers (street address).


Order Forms


While filling the order form, we will ask our users to share important information related to contact, demographics, and finance. Users need to fill in this information when they want to purchase one or more products for authentication and billing and to proceed with the order. Make sure you provide us with valid information.


Contact through Website


To know more about our privacy policies or privacy statement, you can contact us through the website or can call us.