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Custom lanyard, imprinted with your logo or brand message, lets your employee stand out from the crowd by rendering them an appealing personality. These custom-printed lanyards act as an important corporate accessory to advertise and reflect professionalism at special events like a trade show, conference, or other such events. These lanyards are perfect for marketing and promotions, corporate brand enhancement, giveaways, etc.

Offering such a wider use, these promotional lanyards are a sure addition to your corporate treasure.

Are you business ready? Complete your corporate look with professionally designed personalized lanyards.


Corporate Lanyard


Press Lanyard


Badge Lanyards


Rope Lanyard


White Printed Lan yard


Double Ended Lanyard

Finally, a unique lanyard service i.e HPS creations that are as distinctive and colourful as your company.


Create a personalised Digital Lanyard as a low-cost, highly customised item for corporates like offices, university and schools to spread the word – whether for educational institutions, collegiate athletic teams, musicians, or perhaps even corporation promotional handouts. For limitless personalization options, work with the greatest bespoke Digital lanyard maker in the globe. We'll create each one of the lanyards fresh together, letting you pick the colour, length, style of attachment, and other features. 


For security and client recognition at trade fairs, trade shows, job interviews, school initiatives, seminars, and cultural events, our personalised Digital Lanyard is perfect. Add additional accessories to your lanyards, such as Metal Necklace Puck Chain, ID Badges, and Pre-Printed, Acrylic, and Zip Emblems, to make them more unique.


Your brand name will be promoted and will stick out in the crowd when guests wear the lanyards! Create your customised lanyards with a variety of styles, logos, and text to make them perfect for distinguished guests and attendees. For the protection of keys, entrance credentials, certificates, credentials, as well as other vital objects, use customised lanyards. 


You may select the lanyard card holder fabric and print choices that best suit your requirements from our selection. Our affordable custom Digital lanyard helps to secure, identify, track, and network the guiding principles, objectives, and consciousness announcements of your company.


Customised Digital Lanyard can be for various needs - 

  • To address key issues in politics, social concerns, development of the country, and foreign diplomacy, leaders convene conferences and seminars. Prominent individuals from all over the world assemble at one location to discuss solutions. These kinds of meetings need that everyone's identity is recognised, thus hosts will be required to give attendees personalised lanyards. The VIPs and attendees of the event will have an easy opportunity to introduce themselves in this manner.


  • People like watching their favourite musician or band play live on stage in front of them. The sheer volume of yearly music festivals, hosted in a variety of locations and showcasing varied genres, speaks for itself. The organisers must frantically check everything, from the sound installation to the security staff correctly monitoring the venue so that everyone may receive custom-printed lanyards. Custom lanyards are necessary for the security crew, audio team, venue staff, and audience to gain entry downstairs for a Premium meet and greet session.

  • Custom-made lanyards must be handed to everyone to hold their identity in order for the fans to receive passes to certain parts of the concerts, the organisers to function as intended, and the superstars and merchants to receive full access.

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