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Six Tips To Keep In Mind While Designing A Lanyard Card Holder

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

Designing a lanyard card holder brings out the authenticity of every brand name. Anyone can design these lanyard card holders according to their desired requirements with the help of HPS creations, where they can look for exactly which size, colour, fabric, text, and logo they want on the lanyard.

HPS creations ( is an online business website which provides you with these facilities. It lets you design your lanyard card holders using tools and presents you with a preview of your final product.

The small length and width of the lanyard should always encourage you to show your talent.

6 Tips which Come in Handy while Designing

Look for the area

Your first move should be to look at the space on which it will be displayed. Well, you should know the space accurately. Then only you can design the elements correctly. You can resize your design accordingly or make your design according to the provided space.

Sometimes, people just make the design and then land up, selecting the size and knowing the area. If something goes wrong, it results in hours of dedicated work on design waste. To be on the safe side, you should always look for a space to display your artwork and design accordingly.

Having information about whole dimensions can make your work easy and help you to understand things better.

Keep your design simple

Well, adding various elements in one place can be chaotic and undesirable. It can turn things wrong instead of making it perfect. Much time and patience are required while designing such things as the outcomes need to come in handy.

If looked the other way around, more prominent brands nowadays keep their designs simple and casual. Unexpectedly this grabs the attention of people nowadays. Plain simple designs are trending nowadays.

For example, the iconic designs of Google, Facebook, and Apple have simple designs. Look for that famous USA pastry shop. You will find their design simple. Hence, modern designs are now being accepted as clean and straightforward, and HPS creations ( help you with that.

Use only a few fonts

While designing, it's best to use 1-2 fonts. It gives the design a more polished look. For example- solid lines without too many flourishes work best on tubular and woven lanyards. Use short slogans with distinct fonts to grab people's attention.

Use brand colour as a formula

Choose colours which represent what your brand defines and what your brand is all about. It brings out the whole essence of the brand and creates a link between your company and your customers.

For example, light blue communicates calmness and creativity, but darker blues usually tells us about a lack of emotion. HPS creations ( help select the colour you want to communicate with others rather than just using complementary, monogamous colours.

These colours should have a purpose and reflect the brand's image. Also, to be noted while choosing a colour, pay attention to the type of fabric you are using. For example, nylon and polyester lanyards can bring out a slight sheen of colour.

Create contrast

A good contrast can be easily readable and easy to look at. Light images on dark images make it visible you can surround the text always with the outline to make it more readable.

Purpose of your lanyard card holder

First, find out the purpose of your lanyard, as this will help you to make effective choices. Knowing your target audience and what the brand wants to convey can help you to fulfil the purpose.

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