Printed Masks

Promoting Safety and Comfort Altogether with Printed Mask


Wondering if face masks can be safe and stylish all at once. Masks are now an inseparable part of our lives and encourage wellbeing. Pandemic is not the only reason we should wear a mask, but it also protects us from excessive exposure to sun, dust, and pollution.  

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Personal Masks


HPS Creations bring to you breathable, stylish, and high-quality masks that are washable and can be used on daily basis.


What’s new? Our customization approach. Get it customized the way you want.


Our custom printed masks will be the way you expected. From best fabric to well-printed designs, we will create a customized mask that goes with your face cut. Our masks are lightweight and will fit your face seamlessly and beautifully while giving you sufficient face coverage. Get your name, initials, or anything printed on these masks for further personalization.


Corporate Masks


Masks can be introduced as a promotional accessory in the corporate world. Get the logo of your company imprinted on the masks and offer it as a giveaway to your customers and employees for brand promotion. 

Besides, wearing a face mask has become mandatory, offering a complimentary face mask to your team would be a caring gesture to make them feel special and to nurture the corporate spirit.

All these masks are reusable, so

  • Put on the mask

  • Undo the mask

  • Wash the mask and repeat…


*Everyday and layered masks also available*


Event Masks


Be it a wedding event or a corporate event, bring us the image or the quote you want to get printed and leave the rest on us. We can custom print all kinds of masks with strong and well-knitted ear strip


Note- Don’t forget to put on the mask on your face next time when you step outside. Also, we recommend you to wash it after every use. Wear a mask to stay safe.

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