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HPS Creations is the most Essential lanyard manufacturers in Delhi. In professional settings, lanyards can hold identification badges that provide access to office spaces or events. This streamlines entry and adds a sense of cohesion among attendees. Hence we are well aware of the need for a good Ianyard and we are here to help you with the same.  Not only in professional settings but also in educational settings such as schools and universities can use lanyards to hold student ID cards. This helps maintain security on campus and facilitates various activities like library access and meal purchases.

We are the most Impactful lanyard Manufacturer in Delhi. We manufacture a well-made lanyard that provides an easily accessible place to keep essential items like keys, identification badges, and access cards. With these items attached to a lanyard, you won't need to search through your pockets or bag when you need them quickly. Hence saving you a ton of time and increasing productivity. 

We have been the most Official lanyard exporters and suppliers in India. Our made Lanyards allow you to keep your hands free while keeping important items within easy reach. This is particularly useful in busy environments or when you're juggling multiple tasks. For those who enjoy outdoor pursuits, a lanyard can keep items like whistles, small tools, or flashlights close at hand, making them readily available during hikes, camping trips, or sports events. Also, our Lanyards can hold ID badges for healthcare professionals, ensuring easy identification in a fast-paced environment. This enhances patient safety and communication among staff.

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I needed Our student ID cards for our university, and HPS Creations delivered them promptly and with exceptional print quality products.


As an HR manager, I rely on HPS Creations for employee ID cards. They offer a wide range of customization options, and the cards are durable!

Meera Pulli

Got my membership card from HPS Creations, and it's fantastic! The design options were endless, and the card is sturdy. I proudly use it for all my club events.

PK Pali

I ordered promotional t-shirts for a company event, and they were a hit! The quality was top-notch, and our logo looked fantastic. Thanks, HPS Creations!


We've been using HPS Creations for promotional mugs for years. They're durable, and our clients love them. These mugs have become a staple.

SSunil Vat

HPS Creations designed our employee welcome kits, and they were a game-changer in our onboarding process. The kits were beautifully packaged.